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Cultivate a calmer school for educators, students,  and families.

What We Teach:

  • How to Create a Trauma-Sensitive School Culture and Climate;

  • How to Re-Engage Disengaged Students;

  • Emotional Regulation Strategies for Staff, Students, and Families.

Modern Classroom
Male Teacher with Students

How We are Different:

  • Educators can earn up to 9 graduate level credits for attending self-paced courses;

  • School teams are given access to a digital library of emotional regulation strategies taught in short, video format.

  • School teams receive virtual coaching in video format to provide them with on-going support.

  • We provide family workshops focused trauma-informed practices and emotional regulation strategies to use at home.


Meredith is an amazing trainer, who is a true pioneer in creating trauma informed schools and classrooms. Her workshops are inspirational and transformative, as she draws on her own experience of leading an underperforming school and remaking it into a place of nurturance and true social emotional learning.

Larry Epp, Ed.D
​Author, Psychotherapist

Audience members said…

  • Meredith taught me to utilize my supports more to help me gain calm and understanding of my situations more effectively.

  • Meredith was really informative and a very engaging presenter.. She was responsive and gave excellent realistic explanations.

  • You made a difference in my thinking!

  • This was very inspirational. Meredith, keep doing what you are doing!

  • Meredith taught me to take time for myself and that I already have the experiences to draw from. I can do this!

Meredith has worked with

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