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Custom Packages for Schools

  1. We provide custom in-person or virtual workshops and courses to help schools reduce office referrals and cultivate a calmer environment.

  2. We provide access to a digital library filled with videos on how to apply emotional regulation strategies.

  3. We offer on-going support live or through video coaching.

  4. We train parents and caregivers on how to support students through big emotions.

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On-Demand PD to Cultivate Lasting Change


Most forms of Professional Development (PD) are boring. I know this because as a former school principal, to over 900 students, and 145 staff members, I dreaded the days that I had to leave my building to attend “PD” that was not timely or relevant. Many of my colleagues would sit and grumble alongside me about how the day was wasted learning while the laundry list of to-dos we had to take care of back at school continued to grow.


Even the most engaging PD lacks staying power and change rarely happens.


The Calmer Schools Network will help school leaders select a team of INFLUENCERS who will receive exclusive access to weekly content drops, and customizable strategies so they can support the school-wide shift toward building a Calmer School.

Influencers will receive weekly strategy videos and links to resources.


Schools will learn one new emotional regulation strategy each week. Influencers will test strategies that best suit the needs of their students. All strategy videos come with ready to use resources that can be shared across the school. Influencers can search for strategies inside their on digital library.

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Influencers will receive weekly coaching without giving up their precious time. 


Schools will send in their questions, describe their toughest challenges, or ask for specific tools to support their efforts to Cultivate a Calmer School. Our team will record responses to questions, offer suggestions to challenges, and provide strategies in a custom video response.

Team Building Session
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