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About Us

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The Calmer Schools Network offers a unique learning experience focused on trauma-informed practices and emotional regulation strategies to reduce office referrals and foster empathic relationships.  The Network is lead by Meredith McNerney who is a former principal, most recently at a large Title 1 school in the 14th largest district in the country. During her tenure, she served 900 students and 145 staff members. 

The turnaround work at her school included strengthening strategic partnerships with community agencies and non-profits. She believes that an integrated model between community and school increases access to services for students by providing culturally sensitive prevention and early intervention-oriented services. She continues to advocate for programs to support social-emotional learning, behavior, and academic motivation for students through a safe, accessible environment.

Meredith and her team were awarded The Superintendent’s Administrative Award for Excellence and Equity based on academic growth and achievement among Multilingual Learners in 2018. Over 78% of her students spoke English as a second language. Today she serves as an adjunct professor teaching: "How to Create a Trauma-Sensitive School Culture and Climate, How to Cultivate a Calmer Classroom, and Re-Engaging Students in a Trauma-Sensitive Classroom. 

The Calmer Schools Network's clients include Sheppard Pratt, the largest mental health nonprofit in the country, Jefferson County Public Schools, Carroll County Public Schools, The Consortium of Superintendents on the Eastern Shore and many others. She is a member of ASCD's faculty and the host of the Superglue Podcast

Meredith's own trauma recovery story and her commitment to serving others is embedded in the work she does every day. On her 31st birthday, Meredith was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer, Merkel Cell Carcinoma. You can learn more about her story in her book, Facing Cancer: A Spiritual Journey From Pain to Peace.

Learn more about her work below.

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